The nonprofit corporation currently known as The King’s Daughters and Sons Foundation of KY, Inc. was established in 1909 and was organized for charitable purposes only. The corporation was first known as The Home for the Incurables and provided residential services for residents of Kentucky who were afflicted with an incurable physical disability or disease. Along the way, the name of the facility was changed to The King’s Daughters and Sons Home, Inc. Nursing home services were provided to the occupants of the home. Throughout the years of the existence of the nursing home, oversight and management was provided by a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors sold the nursing home and used the proceeds of the sale to establish The King’s Daughters and Sons Foundation of Kentucky, Inc. The Foundation fulfills the purpose of providing charitable services to others through the provision of grants to eligible nonprofit organizations primarily in the categories of higher education, health, and general welfare programs.

Since 2007, more than $2,800,000 has been awarded to Kentucky nonprofit organizations which directly assist Kentuckians in-need. Health needs, education, safety issues, and general welfare have all been addressed through the funding of grant requests. Grants awarded statewide have been used to serve at-risk children, disadvantaged youth, the elderly, and disabled children, and adults. Higher education assistance has been addressed both through the provision of scholarships and the establishment of scholarship endowments. The following are examples of grants awarded by The King’s Daughters and Sons Foundation of Kentucky, Inc:

  • Assistance to purchase an emergency response vehicle
  • Acquisition of assistive technology devices for the blind
  • Acquisition of medical equipment for tele-hearing healthcare
  • Assistance for homeless individuals
  • Assistance to improve access to food
  • Instruments and supplies for music programs serving youth
  • Assistance to purchase specialized equipment for facilities serving the elderly, disabled adults and children, and victims of child abuse.




JULY 1, 2021





Mrs. Joy Feist, Frankfort, KY

Vice President:

Mrs. Jackie Hernandez, Frankfort, KY


Ms. Jane Peters, Lexington, KY


Mr. Marc Craft, CPA, Georgetown, KY


Mr. William H. Bowker, Frankfort, KY

Mr. Michael Busick, Crestwood, KY

Mrs. Carla Hawkins, PMP, Frankfort, KY

Mrs. Karen C. Wagers, CPA, Lexington, KY


Directors Emeritus

Mrs. Mary David Myles, Shelbyville, KY