Grant Awards

The King’s Daughters and Sons Foundation of Kentucky

2020 Grant Awards


The King’s Daughters and Sons Foundation of Kentucky, Inc. (TKDSF) awarded $342,467 in grants to nonprofit organizations located throughout the state of Kentucky. These nonprofit organizations met TKDSF’s grant eligibility criteria and will assist in meeting its philanthropic mission of providing charitable services through grant awards. Charitable nonprofit organizations and educational institutions across the state benefited from awards granted to address a variety of needs related to health, education, safety, and general welfare.

The 2020 awards expanded or addressed unmet areas of service to the following:

  • At-risk children and disadvantaged youth.
  • Elderly and disabled adults.
  • Health services.
  • Higher education scholarships including college endowment funds to support nursing scholarships and scholarships which result in a credential (i.e., certificate, diploma, or degree) and contributes to workforce development in high need areas in Kentucky.
  • Hunger relief for Kentucky citizens severely impacted by the Covid 19 Pandemic and flooding in Eastern Kentucky.

The TKDSF is grateful to the grant recipients for thoughtful and compassionate services to their fellow Kentuckians.